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RM 105.90
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Material: Plastic
Rated Voltage: 220V
Power: 1000W
Size: app. 95x350mm
Hot plate/lever material: Tourmaline ceramics
Wire length: 1.5 m


✅ 100% brand new and high quality

✅ Ceramic hot plate release, helps heat and even distribution, reduces heat damage to the hair, and gently dries the hair.

✅ Professional hair handle handles the fiber, making it feel more comfortable and easier to use. (pets can also be used)

✅ 1000W power brings ample air volume and suitable temperature, soft and effective, helping you dry your hair and complete the shape.

✅ 3 hot settings: Regardless of your hair type or style, there is a heat setting and speed that suits you to help you get the perfect result.

✅ Easy to operate: The detachable tail cover is easy to clean regularly, and the wires can be rotated for easy operation and control.


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